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Thought Leadership

Throughout my career, I’ve worked with various Microsoft technologies, as well as Nintex, and I’ve always been keen on sharing my knowledge to empower others, as well as learning from others. Whether it partner roundtables, conferences or online webinars invite me!


I am always willing to give advice around anything thats technology related. For anything Nintex related please post this on our community site, as well as feel free to follow me there.

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Throughout my career, I’ve been lucky to be mentored by individuals who have lots of experience, business maturity, integrity and respect. This is one of the things I value most in my profession as well as my personal life, and its something I share not just with those I work with but also with the young African individuals I provide life coaching and mentorship to.

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Free Nintex Online Training

Our learning centre helps you get trained on any of our products in the Nintex Platform. Register for free!


Nintex Hangouts

Hosted by Eric Harris is a series of online sessions where you can get the latest product release announcements & live problem solving


Foxtrot RPA Learning Channel

New to RPA and want to learn quicker? Check out this amazing Youtube channel that gets your started with Foxtrot RPA


Nintex User Group Johannesburg

Join our User Group in Johannesburg, become a member, and get the latest updates around our next meetups!


Meyers Web URL Decoder

A handy online URL decoder i’ve been using for YEARS!!!



Learn & save! Affordable online training.

MS Academy

Microsoft Learn

Online training from Microsoft, that helps you get your certifications in order!


Nintex Cloud Service Status

View the status of all Nintex Cloud Services

Some history on Soweto (where I’m from)

Soweto ; which stands for South Western Townships; is an urban settlement in South Africa in the southwest of Johannesburg.

Soweto was created in the 1930s during the Apartheid regime when the White government started separating blacks (from all tribes) from whites. Due to its dynamic environment most of the people here typically speak multiple languages, my mother alone speaks about 6/7 of the official languages in South Africa.You can read up more about Soweto here.

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